Friday, August 9, 2013

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Co-Existing is Not Possible

Is it just me or does everything on Terra 3 seem to be getting worse with each passing minute. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who were unaware and knew nothing of what is really going on. Maybe life would be easier to be just another happy idiot without a clue. Maybe knowing too much makes us unhappy because we know the ugly side of humans? We see the ugly matrix operating all around us, know its there and see so many going about their lives and either thinking there is nothing anyone can do about it, or they just do not know. What is that like? I mean really, how does someone not know who the vice president is or speaker of the house? How do people not know simple things which should be common knowledge? How do people go to the grocery store buy a dead chicken wrapped in styrofoam and plastic not knowing it is a dead bird? How is it people say they believe in God but curse spirituality? Maybe people do externalize everything to much and put it all out there somewhere, its over there doesn't effect me attitude? And yet it is all about them and has nothing to do with any other creature on Terra 3.

I have been told I take everything personally. And maybe I do. I have known for a long time about animals being slaughtered all over the planet, cruelty...horror. And maybe this has contributed to my inability to be happy. One time when I was little I saw on PBS I think it was a dog having its throat slit in the back of an Asian restaurant. My 6th grade teacher showed us a video about slaughter houses in Chicago. So none of this is new to me, I remember seeing stories about dolphins dieing in fishing boat nets.

Later I learned other things. We think that we sign some petitions and scream loud enough something gets done. But it really doesn't. The people who are paid to sit on fishing boats to make sure dolphins are not killed often don't pay attention or they skew the numbers. We think that because there is a cruelty free sign on a product, it is cruelty free. But here again, companies outsource to another company to do their dirty work. Nice loop hole so the starting company can still claim they don't test on animals. They didn't do it, they just hire someone else to do it. And why do it anyway? We know bleach is toxic so why pour it down a cats throat or in a rabbits eyes? Why do any of this shit, really? Rather then use a criminal who molested a child, because that sick bastard has rights? Human rights? Where is it written a human maintains their rights when they've committed an act of torture upon another human? There is no God's will in choice.

We watched a spirituality video earlier. And I would like to ask the people who claim we are all one... Just how is it we are all one and supposed to love one another when someone blows up their dog with firecrackers? How is it we are all one when millions of dolphins are slaughtered? How is it we are all one when someone pays money to shoot a lion in a cage? How is it we are all one when someone find joy is shooting an elephant or a giraffe? How is it we are all one when someone sets a trap for a wolf and kills the animal while allowing it to suffer? Etc... The people preaching this shit are just as much hypocrites as bible beaters.

Humans are sick, we are sick twisted souls. And I, even though I am one do not consider myself to be apart of any collective. Whatever happens to everyone on this planet, we deserve it. We really do. Whomever the architects are, I hope they learn from this mess up; start over and re-write the story for the next occupation of Terra 3.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spiral Butterfly

Alien in Lotus

Horus Cats

Horus Vesica

Aricebo Reply

Alien Snowboarding

Sego Canyon Petroglyphs


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Giving Any Hope is Pointless

It would be nice to have a rewind or reset button to push. Especially when you are somewhere you have no good memories of and can maybe count on one hand the good things that have happened. I hate being stuck in a situation I cannot get us out of; especially when it is I who got us into this situation. And no other options present themselves but the one I dread, though there are not other solutions and no hope of doing what I would like to be able to do. Life is hopeless.